Nagoya University
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics Laboratory

Date&Time Fri Nov 11 2022 (11:00 - 12:00)
Pierre Heidmann
Affiliation Johns Hopkins U
Title Schwarzschild-like Topological Solitons in Gravity
Abstract We present large classes of non-extremal solitons in gravity that are asymptotic to four-dimensional Minkowski spacetime plus some extra compact dimensions. They correspond to smooth horizonless geometries induced by topology in spacetime and supported by electromagnetic flux, which characterize coherent states of quantum gravity. We discuss a new approach to deal with Einstein-Maxwell equations in more than four dimensions, such that systems with commuting Killing vectors and suitable gauge fields decompose into a set of Ernst equations, thus admitting an integrable structure. We generate the solitons by applying different solution-generating techniques associated with the Ernst formalism. We focus on solitons with zero net charge yet supported by flux, and compare them to a Schwarzschild black hole of the same mass. These are also ultra-compact geometries with very high redshift but differ in many aspects. At the end of the talk, we discuss the stability properties of the solitons and their gravitational signatures.
Remarks セミナーはZoomで参加できますが、ES635のスクリーンにもZoomの画面を映しま すので、皆で集まって見たい方はES635にお越しください。 The talk will be over Zoom, but we will also show the Zoom screen in room ES635 for those who want to come and participate in person.