Nagoya University
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics Laboratory

Date&Time Tue Jan 10 2023 (17:00 - 18:00)
Joan Simon
Affiliation Edinburgh U
Title A proposal for 3d quantum gravity & its bulk factorization
Abstract We propose an effective quantum description of 3d pure gravity with a negative cosmological constant based on the high temperature behaviour of universal 2d holographic CFTs. Within this proposal, the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of a two sided black hole is identified with the entanglement entropy of gravitational edge modes. The latter are anyons transforming under some quantum group deformation of the symmetry group appearing for JT gravity. We comment on the differences between gravity and Chern-Simons gauge theory, mainly, the finite value of the entropy in the quantum gravity proposal. Time permitting, we shall comment on the relevance of extended topological quantum field theory to describe the bulk physics.