Nagoya University
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics Laboratory

Date&Time Wed Feb 03 2021 (13:30 - 14:30)
Norihiro Iizuka
Affiliation Osaka U
Title Wormholes and holographic decoherence
Abstract We study a class of decoherence process which admits a 3 dimensional holographic bulk. Starting from a thermo-field double dual to a wormhole, we prepare another thermo-field double which plays the role of environment. By allowing the energy flow between the original and environment thermo-field double, the entanglement of the original thermo-field double eventually decoheres. We model this decoherence by four-boundary wormhole geometries, and study the time-evolution of the moduli parameters to see the change of the entanglement pattern among subsystems. A notable feature of this holographic decoherence processes is that at the end point of the processes, the correlations of the original thermo-field double are lost completely both classically and also quantum mechanically. We also discuss distinguishability between thermo-field double state and various states which contains only classical correlations.