Nagoya University
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics Laboratory

E-lab Seminar


Date Tue Apr 16 2024
Speaker Hiromi Ebisu
(YITP, Kyoto University)
Title Fracton topological phases in view of multipole symmetry
Abstract Fracton topological phases now have diverse research interests,  involving various branches of physics, such as condensed matter physics, and high-energy physics. Distinctive feature of these phases is that mobility constraints are imposed on fractionalized quasi-particle excitations (i.e., anyons), giving rise to sub-extensive ground state degeneracy on a torus geometry. Due to this property, one faces an issue with the UV/IR mixing, implying incapability to resort to preexisting theoretical frameworks, such as topological field theories. In this talk, we discuss a new type of symmetry, which has emerged in the context of the fracton topological phases -- multipole symmetry, associated with conservation of multipoles (e.g, dipole) as well as global charges. We propose BF theories, consisting of gauge fields related to such a symmetry and see how fracton topological phases can be constructed. *This talk is based on recent joint works with M. Honda and T. Nakanishi arXiv:2310.06701
Date Tue Apr 23 2024
Speaker Shuhei Iguro
(Nagoya U)
Title TBA
Abstract TBA
Date Tue Apr 30 2024
Speaker Takahiro Terada
(Nagoya Univ.)
Title Probing the early Universe with gravitational waves -- topics on pulsar timing arrays and induced gravitational waves --
Abstract The detection of gravitational waves (GWs) by the LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA collaboration has opened a new era of GW astronomy, and the evidence of nanohertz GWs found by pulsar timing arrays (PTAs) may be the beginning of GW cosmology. Because of their feeble interactions, GWs emitted in the early Universe can reach us, so they may give us some information about the early Universe, in which new physics beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics may be relevant. In this talk, we will focus on the secondary GWs induced by primordial curvature perturbations. We discuss their implications for PTAs and primordial black holes.
Date Mon May 13 2024
Speaker Jonathan Harper
(YITP, Kyoto U)
Title TBA
Abstract TBA
Date Tue May 28 2024
Speaker Pak Hang Chris Lau
(Osaka U)
Title TBA
Abstract TBA


Date Speaker Title Slide/Video
2/27 Alessandro Valenti
(Basel U.)
Perturbative running of the topological angles
2/20 Tsunehide Kuroki
(Toyota Technological Institute)
Tensor Network of Kondo Problem and holography ー温故知新ー slide1
2/6 Juan William Pedersen
(University of Tokyo)
Quantum Simulation of the Finite Temperature Schwinger Model via Quantum Imaginary Time Evolution video1
1/30 Kazuki Sakurai
(Warsaw University)
Quantum Information at Colliders video1
1/23 Yosuke Imamura
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Giant Graviton Expansions for Orbifolds and Orientifolds slide1
1/16 Yoshihiro Shigekami
(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Probing CP Violation in Dark Sector through the Electron Electric Dipole Moment video1
1/9 Pratik Nandy
Operator growth and Quantum chaos in SYK model video1
Date Speaker Title Slide/Video
12/12 Junsei Tokuda
Gravitational positivity bounds: implications for the swampland program video1
12/5 Ryutaro Matsudo
(National Taiwan Univ.)
Missing final state puzzle in the monopole-fermion scattering video1
11/28 Satsuki Nishimura
(Kyushu University)
Exploring the flavor structure of quarks and leptons with reinforcement learning video1
11/21 Seok Kim
(Seoul National U)
Black hole cohomologies in N=4 Yang-Mills slide1
11/14 Osamu Fukushima
(Kyoto University)
Higher-form symmetry and eigenstate thermalization hypothesis video1
11/8 Yasuaki Hikida
Complex saddles of three-dimensional de Sitter gravity via holography video1
10/31 Ayuki Kamada
(University of Warsaw)
Self-interacting dark matter: strong or resonant interaction video1
10/25 Kazumi Okuyama
(Shinshu University)
End of the world brane in double scaled SYK video1
10/17 Yuichiro Tada
(C-lab, Nagoya University)
Nano-Hertz stochastic gravitational wave background video1
10/10 Masataka Watanabe
(School of Informatics, Nagoya U)
Higher-spin conserved charges in large-charge sectors of generic 2D QFTs video1
10/4 Jean-Philippe Lansberg
Impact of QCD corrections to quarkonium production and outlook video1
10/3 Kate Lynch
Inclusive quarkonium photoproduction at the LHC via ultra-peripheral collisions video1
7/31 Motoko Fujiwara
Dark matter heating vs vortex creep heating in old neutron stars video1
7/24 Kazuki Tanaka
(Niigata University)
Neutrinoless double beta decay in the minimal seesaw mechanism video1
7/18 Justin Kaidi
(Univ. of Washington)
Non-Supersymmetric Heterotic Branes video1
7/4 Shanming Ruan
Complexity=Anything: Singularity Probes video1
6/26 Akihiro Ishibashi
(Kindai University)
Semiclassical Einstein equations from holography and boundary dynamics slide1
6/19 Maki Takeuchi
(Kobe University)
The Mystery of the Standard Model and the Extra-Dimensional Model video1
6/12 Shoto Aoki
(Osaka Univ.)
Curved domain-wall fermion and its anomaly inflow
6/5 Tomohiro Abe
(Tokyo University of Science)
A pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone dark matter model and direct detection experiments video1
5/29 Kanato Goto
How do wormholes emerge from quantum gravity? video1
5/22 Naoya Kitajima
(Tohoku University)
Emission of dark photons and gravitational waves from cosmic string network video1
5/15 Shinya Kanemura
(Osaka Univ.)
Electroweak baryogenesis in the aligned two Higgs doublet model video1
5/8 Takumi Kuwahara
(Peking Univ. )
Quantum Theory of Dark Matter Scattering video1
5/1 Masaki Tezuka
(Kyoto University)
Binary-coupling sparse SYK model video1
4/24 Kazuhiro Sakai
(Meiji-gakuin University)
Spectral form factor in the tau-scaling limit slide1
4/17 Yuya Kusuki
AdS/BCFT from Bootstrap slide1 slide2
2/28 Ryuichiro Kitano
μTRISTAN slide1
2/7 Kazuya Yonekura
(Tohoku University)
Cosmic strings from pure Yang-Mills theory video1
2/1 Kazuki Sakurai
(Warsaw Univ.)
Quantum information and CP measurement in H->tau,tau at future lepton colliders slide1
1/18 Kentarou Mawatari
(Iwate University)
Helicity amplitudes without gauge cancellation in the Feynman-diagram gauge slide1
1/10 Joan Simon
(Edinburgh U)
A proposal for 3d quantum gravity & its bulk factorization video1
Date Speaker Title Slide/Video
12/20 Masahiro Ibe
Gauge kinetic mixing and dark topological defects video1
12/6 Ofri Telem
(Hebrew U)
Dressed vs. Pairwise States, and the Geometric Phase of Monopoles and Charges slide1
11/29 Bin Guo
(CEA Saclay)
What is the CFT dual of BPS black hole microstates? slide1
11/22 Yusuke Taki
(Yukawa Institute)
Pseudo Entropy in dS/CFT and Time-like Entanglement Entropy video1
11/15 Satoshi Iso
Complementarity and Propagation of Decoherence in relativistic quantum measurements video1
11/11 Pierre Heidmann
(Johns Hopkins U)
Schwarzschild-like Topological Solitons in Gravity slide1
11/1 Yuta Hamada
Swampland Conjectures slide1
10/18 David Dudal
(KU Leuven)
Looking beyond the Landau gauge Gribov horizon video1
10/4 Hitoshi Murayama
(Berkeley, Kavli-IPMU)
Solving strong dynamics of gauge theories using supersymmetry and anomaly mediation video1
7/26 Norihiro Iizuka
(Osaka Univ.)
Defining entanglement without tensor factoring: a Euclidean hourglass prescription slide1
7/11 Shinji Mukohyama
On the assumptions leading to the information loss paradox slide1
7/4 Muneto Nitta
(Keio University)
Stable Z-strings with topological polarization in two Higgs doublet model (with a review of topological solitons in this model) video1
6/28 Ryosuke Sato
(Osaka Univ.)
Spontaneous CP violation & Baryon asymmetry slide1
6/21 Masazumi Honda
(YITP, Kyoto U)
String theory, N=4 SYM and Riemann hypothesis video1
6/14 Mitsuhiro Nishida
Scaling exponents of Mellin amplitudes for deriving bounds on flat space S-matrices from bounds on chaos slide1
6/6 Satoshi Mishima
New physics interpretation of W-boson mass anomaly slide1
5/30 Kantaro Ohmori
(University of Tokyo)
Non-invertible symmetry in 3+1-dimensions video1
5/24 Takashi Kaneko
(KEK and KMI)
$B \to D^*\ell\nu$ decay on the lattice video1
5/23 Shuhei Iguro
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Collider test of the Lepton portal to sub-GeV dark matter video1
5/16 Yohei Ema
(Minnesota University)
CKM and muon EDM contributions to atomic/molecular EDMs video1
5/10 Wen Yin
(Tohoku University)
Implications of Hubble tensions for very early universe cosmology slide1
4/26 Kenta Suzuki
(Yukawa Inst.)
JT Gravity Limit of Liouville CFT and Matrix Model video1
4/18 Volodymyr Takhistov
Exploring Fundamental Physics with Atmospheric Collider and Beyond video1
4/12 Masamichi Miyaji
(Nagoya U)
Probing Gravity using Correlation Measures slide1
4/11 Sinya Aoki
(YITP, Kyoto U)
Conserved non-Noether charge in general relativity: Physical definition vs. Noether's 2nd theorem slide1
2/8 Juan Carlos Vasquez
(Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst)
The QCD Adler function and the muon g-2 anomaly from Renormalons slide1
2/2 Tatsuma Nishioka
(Yukawa Institute)
CFT duals of three-dimensional de Sitter gravity slide1
1/18 Shohei Okawa
(Universitat de Barcelona)
Long-range axion forces and hadronic CP violation slide1
1/11 Dorin Weissman
Hard scattering and holographic QCD
Date Speaker Title Slide/Video
12/22 Toshifumi Noumi
(Kobe Univ.)
Gravitational Positivity Bounds and the Standard Model
12/21 Amon Furuichi
12/15 Kazushi Yamashiro
(Shizuoka University)
Target space entanglement in a matrix model for the bubbling geometry
12/14 Yukihiro Kanda
12/7 Hiromasa Takaura
Perturbative computation of the electron g-2 using stochastic method
11/30 Shota Komatsu
Three tales of de Sitter slide1
11/17 Juntaro Wada
(Univ. of Tokyo)
Probing the Lμ-Lτ Gauge Boson at the MUonE Experiment slide1
11/9 Jiro Soda
(Kobe University)
Decoherence induced by gravitons
11/2 Yuki Hayashi
(Tohoku Univ.)
Renormalon subtraction using Fourier transform — towards precise QCD calculation slide1
10/27 Yu Zhang
Correlated Dirac Eigenvalues and Axial Anomaly in Chiral Symmetric QCD slide1
10/19 Abhiram Kidambi
Towards localization of 1/4-BPS black holes in N = 4 supergravity: Lessons from the microscopic side
10/12 Kei Yagyu
(Osaka Univ.)
Dark sector as origin of tiny lepton masses and new sources of (g-2)_mu slide1
10/5 Minoru Eto
(Yamagata Univ.)
Non-Abelian vortices and magnetic monopoles in 2 Higgs doublet model slide1
7/20 Satoshi Yamaguchi
(Osaka University)
Supersymmetric quantum field theory with exotic symmetry in 3+1 dimensions and fermionic fracton phases
7/13 Kantaro Ohmori
(Univ. of Tokyo)
Symmetries and Strings of Adjoint QCD2
7/7 Takeshi Kobayashi
(Nagoya Univ.)
6/29 Kin-ya Oda
(Tokyo Woman's Christian U.)
Dynamically emergent gravity from hidden local Lorentz symmetry
6/22 Shoji Hashimoto
Inclusive processes from lattice QCD
6/15 Simon Ross
(Durham U)
AdS solitons with magnetic flux - degenerate supersymmetric solutions
6/8 Kyohei Mukaida
Baryo/Leptogenesis from Axion Inflation slide1
6/1 Lento Nagano
(ICEPP, U of Tokyo)
Digital quantum simulation for screening and confinement in gauge theory with a topological term
5/25 Yuichiro Tada
(Nagoya Univ. C-lab)
Self-introduction, or a biased view of what theoretical cosmologists are recently interested in slide1
5/17 Hiroshi Suzuki
(Kyushu U)
Gradient flow exact renormalization group
5/12 Qaisar Shafi
(Bartol research institute)
Topological Structures in Unified Theories
5/10 Tomohiro Fujita
(Waseda Univ.)
Hunting Axion like Particles by Observations and Experiments slide1
4/28 Masamichi Miyaji
(UC Berkley)
Spectrum of End of the World Branes in Holographic BCFTs
4/19 Wen Yin
(Tohoku Univ.)
Kilobyte cosmic birefringence and ALP domain walls without strings slide1
4/13 Sotaro Sugishita
(Nagoya U)
IR finite S-matrix by gauge invariant dressed states
2/24 Yoshiki Yatagai
(Osaka City U.)
Fermion Mass Hierarchy in Grand Gauge-Higgs Unification with Localized Gauge Kinetic Terms slide1
2/10 Yu Hamada
(Kyoto Univ.)
Gravitational instantons and anomalous chiral symmetry breaking slide1
2/3 Norihiro Iizuka
(Osaka U)
Wormholes and holographic decoherence
1/26 ‪Martin Jung
(INFN Torino)
Standard Model predictions and new physics in b to c transitions slide1
1/20 Kazunori Nakayama
(Univ. of Tokyo)
Condensed matter physics for dark matter detection slide1
1/13 Kazuhisa Ogawa
(Hokkaido U)
Complex "variance" in quantum measurement for pre- and post-selected systems
Date Speaker Title Slide/Video
12/15 Yosuke Takubo
LHC-FASER実験における新粒子探索 slide1
12/11 Kaori Fuyuto
(Los Alamos)
Fundamental symmetry tests in the lepton sector
12/2 Naoki Sasakura
(YITP, Kyoto U)
Exploring quantum canonical tensor model for N = 1 and beyond
11/18 Masashi Aiko
(Osaka Univ.)
New scenario for aligned Higgs couplings originated from the twisted custodial symmetry at high energies
11/4 Daisuke Kadoh
(NCTS, National Tsing-Hua Univ.)
Tensor renormalization group on triad networks
10/28 Seishi Enomoto
(Sun Yat-sen University)
Matter-antimatter asymmetric production due to oscillating background field
10/21 Kazumi Okuyama
(Shinshu U)
Quenched free energy in random matrix model
10/7 Takumi Kuwahara
(IBS -> Peking U.)
Maximally self-interacting dark matter: A composite asymmetric dark matter scenario
7/27 Shuichi Yokoyama
(YITP Kyoto)
Flow equation, black hole, and singularity slide1
7/21 Kunimasa Miyazaki
(Nagoya U)
Anomalous and Glassy Dynamics of a Simple Active Matter
7/16 Masaaki Tomii
(Connecticut U.)
Direct CP violation and the \Delta I = 1/2 rule in K \to \pi\pi decay from the Standard Model
7/7 Kohtaroh Miura
(GSI Helmholts-Institute Mainz)
Lattice QCD Precision Science for Muon g-2 and Running alpha
6/29 Hiroshi Ohki
(Nara Women's university)
Progress on the nucleon EDM calculations in lattice QCD
6/22 So Chigusa
マグノン(スピン波)を用いた軽いボソン暗黒物質の直接探索 slide1
6/15 Dorin Weissman
The quantization of folded strings in non-critical dimensions
6/8 Tatsuo Kobayashi
(Hokkaido Univ.)
Modular flavor symmetry
6/1 Tomonori Ugajin
(YITP Kyoto)
Entanglement between two disjoint universes slide1
5/25 Teppei Kitahara
(Nagoya U)
Novel approach to neutron electric dipole moment search using weak measurement
5/18 Chang-Tse Hsieh
Anomaly of the Electromagnetic Duality of Maxwell Theory
5/11 Hidehiko Shimada
Bose-Einstein Condensation and large-N colour confinement
4/27 Shohei Okawa
(University of Victoria)
Lepton Portal Dark Matter: current status and muon g-2 explanation
4/20 Shuhei Iguro
(Nagoya Univ.)
Testing the 2HDM explanation of the muon g-2 anomaly at the LHC
2/21 Takahiro Nishinaka
(Ritsumeikan U)
Peculiar index relation for Argyres-Douglas theories slide1
1/15 Soichiro Hashiba
(Tokyo U., RESCEU)
Gravitational production of right-handed neutrino after quintessential inflation slide1
1/8 Shinji Hirano
(Wits University, South Africa)
Nearly AdS2 holography in quantum CGHS model
Date Speaker Title Slide/Video
12/18 Teruyuki Kitabayashi
(Tokai University)
Clockwork origin of neutrino mixings slide1
12/4 Shintaro Eijima
Probing leptogenesis in the nuMSM slide1
11/26 Yutaka Hosotani
(Osaka University)
CKM matrix and FCNC suppression in SO(5)×U(1)×SU(3) gauge-Higgs unification slide1
11/19 Takeshi Kobayashi
(KMI (Nagoya University))
To B or not to B: Primordial magnetic fields from Weyl anomaly and Beyond slide1
11/14 Ryo Yokokura
Topological order in the color-flavor locked phase of (3+1)-dimensional U(N) gauge-Higgs system slide1
11/5 Teppei Kitahara
Hunt for new physics in kaon decays and recent KOTO result
10/23 Seyed Morteza Hosseini
(Kavli IPMU)
A story of gravitational blocks and QFT indices
10/16 Kohei Kamada
(University of Tokyo, RESCEU)
Cosmological Magnetic Fields Meets Chiral Anomaly slide1
8/9 Keita Nii
(AEC, University of Bern)
Seiberg ``N-ality
7/19 Junichiro Kawamura
(Ohio State University)
Complete Vector-like Fourth Family and new U(1) for Muon Anomalies slide1
7/5 Yuho Sakatani
(Kyoto Pref U Med)
Type II DFT solutions from Poisson-Lie T-duality/plurality
7/2 Shinji Hirano
(University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
Information transfer and black hole evaporation via traversable BTZ wormholes
6/28 Toshifumi Noumi
(Kobe Univ.)
Primordial non-Gaussianities as a particle collider slide1
6/21 Keisuke Yanagi
(Univ. of Tokyo)
Dark Matter Heating vs. Rotochemical Heating in Old Neutron Stars slide1
6/14 Katsushi Ito
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
TBA equations and resurgent Quantum Mechanics slide1
6/11 Ayuki Kamada
(IBS, Korea)
Composite asymmetric dark matter and galactic rotation curves slide1
6/7 Nobuhito Maru
(Osaka City University)
Lecture: Basics of Gauge-Higgs Unification slide1
6/7 Nobuhito Maru
(Osaka City University)
Dark Matter in Gauge-Higgs Unification slide1
6/4 Yoshihiro Shigekami
(Huazhong U of Science and Technology)
(g-2)_{mu} Versus Flavor Changing Neutral Current Induced by the Light (B-L)_{mu tau} Boson slide1
5/24 Ken Shiozaki
Fermionic partial transpose and non-local order parameters for SPT phases of fermions slide1
5/17 Keiko Nagao
(Okayama University of Science)
Dark matter mass and distribution by directional slide1
4/26 Koji Umemoto
Aspects of Holographic Entanglement of Purification Conjecture slide1
4/23 Michihisa Takeuchi
New Physics searches at the LHC and beyond